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Hispanics in Wisconsin

Facts About Hispanics in the District of Columbia, Maryland & Wisconsin

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Hispanics in Wisconsin

Hispanics in Wisconsin

A recent article on Hispanic PR Blog gave the following interesting nuggets about Hispanics in the Nation’s Capital, Maryland & Wisconsin taken from the 2010 Census:
•    Hispanics represent 9% of the population of DC, 8% of Maryland, and 6% of Wisconsin.
•    Between 2000 and 2010, Maryland’s Hispanic population grew by 106%, while Wisconsin’s grew by 74%
•    Sixteen percent of Hispanics in the District of Columbia do not have health insurance (Pew Hispanic Center, 2009).

Diverse America

Hispanic? Latino? None of the Above

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Diverse America

Diverse America

Pew Hispanic recently published a fascinating report titled “When Labels Don’t Fit: Hispanics and Their Views of Identity” about how Hispanics in the U.S. identify. The biggest finding is that Hispanic and Latino are not words that, well, most Hispanics and Latinos typically use to identify themselves. More often than not, they identify first as Mexican, Cuban, Guatemalan…whatever their country of origin. This is how 51% of respondents answered the question. And a whopping 69% responded that they do not see a shared common culture among U.S. Hispanics.

Professionals in the Hispanic marketing world have often emphasized that the Hispanic market is not monolithic, and the results of this study show that Hispanics  don’t see themselves as part of a unified Hispanic community. I relate to the study and its findings: I identify as Mexican, but would rarely call myself Latina. I have enough friends from different Latin countries that I am aware of the differences in culture and history between, say, Puerto Rico, Argentina and El Salvador. The one thing unifying them is the Spanish language- though we all speak with different accents and may use different words (i.e. a torta is either a cake or a sandwich, depending on where you are).

What else did the study reveal? 47% of respondents said they are typically American, while another 47% say they are very different from the typical American. Most Hispanic immigrants say they would migrate to the U.S. again, and they agreed that the U.S. is seen as better than their country of origin in many ways- opportunity to get ahead, environment in which to raise children, and moral values better here than at home. However, 39% believed that their home country was better in terms of the strength of family ties.  The importance of family seems to be a universal, regardless of country of origin, whether one is of Mexican, Colombian, Puerto Rican origin or other.

Marketing Investment in Mexico Research

Marketing Investment Study – Mexico, Brazil, Argentina

Written by Christopher Stanley on . Posted in Digital, Marketing, Mexico, South America

Marketing Investment in Mexico Research

Marketing Investment in Mexico Research

In Latin America there are strong differences in where marketers believe their “pesos” should be spent.  From product placement with dancing hosts on television to endless strings of monster billboards, it is evident that at the very least the marketers believe the eyeballs in their respective countries are influenced in different ways.

On the service side, the sales people should and do believe in their service offering. However, it is important to know where your prospective client is coming from.  For that there is a very interesting study (Spanish Only) from CICOM (Confederación de la Industria de la Comunicación Mercadotécnica) of Mexico released in 2011 that touches on the trends in marketing investment across various media for Mexico and including Brazil and Argentina.

While the study is in Spanish, the percentages and graphs easily make their point.  This is a brief report that can serve as a first step to understanding where the investment is and help you prepare for long dialogues from marketers. For example, billboards are incredibly relevant in the city, because traffic is so bad that someone may spend 20 minutes plus in front of the same billboard.


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