US Hispanic Shoppers Love Their Smartphones

For Hispanics, Shopping is Still a Team Sport

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 US Hispanic Shoppers Love Their Smartphones

US Hispanic Shoppers Love Their Smartphones

Ever notice how Hispanics tend to hang in packs?  We’re social!  And not just the 21st century’s definition of ‘social’ that involves an LCD screen, but rather the good old, 20th Century, ‘Diccionario de la Real Academia de La Lengua Española’ definition of social.  Well, if you have noticed, now you have research to back that up.

Among other interesting tidbits, a recent study by digital marketing agencies, White Horse and Sensis, found that 68 percent of US Hispanic smartphone shoppers actually prefer to shop with at least one other person when buying high priced items.  Even when it comes to buying everyday items, such as toothpaste or diapers, over half still prefer to do it in the company of someone else.

And their ‘cuates’ and ‘panas’ aren’t just tagging along.  They’re there to get involved in the shopping experience, even if they themselves are not buying anything.  The study found that US Hispanic shoppers are 50 percent less likely than the general market to search for reviews while shopping and hypothesizes that their companions are there to serve as advisors.  Now that is what I call social shopping.  So much for recommendation and shopping engines….

Retailers should take this and the rest of the report’s findings into consideration when tailoring their digitally enhanced in-store shopping experiences towards US Hispanics.  Their mobile applications should enhance the shopping experience by enabling Hispanics to have a true social and collaborative approach to shopping.

For more details, check out the report, titled, “Hispanic In-Store Mobile Experience: Social Shopping” at which includes statistics, insight, and marketing recommendations

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