Technology Consumption trends during 2012

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Tablets and Hybrid PCs
In place of wishing for a car, 2012 is the year of wishing for a tablet. The new generation of tablets and laptops means that technology is more mobile than ever before. To have a quicker laptop or tablet is now a status symbol, like having the latest designer shoes.

It is said that the PC market is on the decline, but no: it is in transition. Laptops are not only a practical solution for informatic tasks: they are light, versatile, and also easy to transport. You can take them anywhere and they fit nicely under your arm! Laptops and tablets are not going to replace the desktop, but rather are an added accessory, making technology more accessible outside of the house, and more practical for the people that can not be tied to their desk or simply do not want to be.

The Unique Window
More and more, consumers look for the “unique window” when it comes to looking for home technology, and in these times of austerity, they are looking for more economic and powerful solutions – mobility is more important than ever. To have access to all of your music, movies, photos, social networks, and TV on demand anwhere in the house is key for today’s consumer. Far off are the days of “satellite TV.” Television can be seen from any corner of the house at any time- and photos viewed onscreen can have the same quality as any of the current televisions.

The Internet of Things
The first stage of the evolution of modern communication was the connection of computers and, since this has occurred, connecting through various devices and technologies has become so commonplace and has become more of a social function than a practice. The next evolution will see how these connected technologies make our daily tasks more efficient; a perfect example of this is the Near Field Communications technology (NFC), which accelerates the transactions, reduces lines, and means that we will not have to remember a pin number.

Cheaper Smartphones
The search to create a cheaper smartphone seems likely to remain on the consumer’s list for some time. Although AMD has not entered the mobile market, it is likely that it will become a area in which it will center itself among mobile technology and become a key component in the planning of the future direction of companies.

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