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Bicultural Hispanic Women

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A recent article by Daniela Rubio on Added Value.com reviews recent data about Hispanic women in general to draw some interesting conclusions about Bicultural Hispanic Women. To begin with, Rubio points out that this group represents more than a third (36.5%) of Hispanic women overall. She notes that common stereotypes about Hispanic women probably more aptly apply to their mothers’ generation – Bicultural Latinas are generally tech-savvy and have higher levels of educational attainment, employment and higher HHI than Spanish-dominant Hispanic women.

Their families are slightly smaller than those of Spanish Dominant Latinas, who have a higher number of family members with over six people, but among families with 4-5 people, Bicultural and Spanish dominant women are just about evenly represented. Rubio exhorts marketers to learn what Bicultural Latinas want, and points out that 46% are still under 18 – quite a rising demo to learn about and engage with.

Chrysler and Fiat

Chrysler: Diversity and The Future of a Corporation

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Chrysler and Fiat

Chrysler and Fiat

Diversity and inclusion are two of the founding principles of this country, and according to Fred Diaz, president and CEO of Chrysler de Mexico and Ram Truck Brand, the future of the Chrysler Corporation.  In a recent post on HispanicBusiness.com, the author describes how Chrysler celebrates its diversity not only in the markets to which they are advertising, but within its corporate culture as well.

“If you don’t already have significant plans relative to how you’re going to pursue the Hispanic market, you’re just not in the business world or you’re way behind under a rock somewhere,” Fred Diaz stated.

Chrysler is ranked No. 36 on the HispanicBusiness Best Companies listing. The company’s involvement in diverse communities includes partnering with such mainstays as the Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR) is integral to that.  Chrysler scored especially well in the supplier diversity category of the Best Companies list as well.

The company hit a rough patch from 1998-2007, but that was the old Chrysler.   In June of this year, Fiat, the Italian automaker,  consolidated control of Chrysler by buying the 6 percent of the company still held by the federal government, according to Bloomberg, giving Fiat a 52 percent interest in Chrysler.   In 2012 Chrysler announced July year-to-year retail sales growth of 33 percent, its 16th consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains. Jeep brand sales were up 46 percent year-over-year, while the numbers for the Chrysler 200 and 300 sedans were up 66 percent — cars that are popular among Hispanic buyers.

This growth is in large part due to embracing the diversity within the company’s consumer base.  Mr. Diaz said “Diversity and particularly Hispanic marketing, is critical to the future success of this corporation.”