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Bicultural Hispanic Women

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A recent article by Daniela Rubio on Added reviews recent data about Hispanic women in general to draw some interesting conclusions about Bicultural Hispanic Women. To begin with, Rubio points out that this group represents more than a third (36.5%) of Hispanic women overall. She notes that common stereotypes about Hispanic women probably more aptly apply to their mothers’ generation – Bicultural Latinas are generally tech-savvy and have higher levels of educational attainment, employment and higher HHI than Spanish-dominant Hispanic women.

Their families are slightly smaller than those of Spanish Dominant Latinas, who have a higher number of family members with over six people, but among families with 4-5 people, Bicultural and Spanish dominant women are just about evenly represented. Rubio exhorts marketers to learn what Bicultural Latinas want, and points out that 46% are still under 18 – quite a rising demo to learn about and engage with.

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