Internet Adoption in Mexico 2011

Research: The Internet in Mexico 2011

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Internet Adoption in Mexico 2011

Internet Adoption in Mexico 2011

The World Internet Project in collaboration with the Monterrey Institute of Technology or, Tecnológico de Monterrey recently released its annual study on Mexicans’ habits and perceptions of the Internet and other associated technologies.

From a geographic perspective, the Distrito Federal, the country’s largest commercial and population concentration, accounts for 25% of all of the country’s online community.  With the exception of the North East region at 10%, which includes the sparsely populated Baja Peninsula, the rest of the report found that the rest of the country’s regions are fairly evenly distributed at approximately 16% share.

From a demographic perspective, gender distribution closely assimilates the country’s population with a 52/48 split between male/female Internet users.  Interestingly, 40% of Internet users are under the age of 19, which suggests that a significant portion of Mexico’s online community has none to very limited purchasing power vis-à-vis the rest of the population.

Speaking of which, from a socioeconomic perspective, 43% of the online population falls into category “D” (e.g., live in public housing) while 36% of the online community fall into the B/C+.  Playing a balancing act, 90% of the highest HHI homes have at least one Internet user.

During the last three years, checking email has been the leading activity online with upwards of 93% of users doing it.  That said, accessing social networks has seen significant growth, from 32% penetration in 2009 to 70% in 2011.  While all indicators point to Mexico being an attractive market for digital businesses, the research suggests that there is still significant growth yet to be realized.  Here you can access a copy of the research’s summary of findings.

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