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I am currently at the AHAA conference in Miami FL.   AHAA is a great organization and “represents the best minds and resources dedicated to Hispanic-specialized marketing. Over the last two decades, AHAA has been a long-standing champion for corporate investment in Hispanic marketing and, since its inception in 1996, has increased Hispanic budget allocations by 12-fold.”

On top of bringing some of the smartest people in the industry together, this year AHAA brought in some great advertisers (Clorox and Eli Lilly) to talk about how their Hispanic ad agencies can be better partners, and some of the things they are doing to reach out to this vital market segment.

I was encouraged to hear that Eli Lilly, one of the largest pharma companies in the world, is taking big steps toward reaching out to Hispanics with diabetes.  Eli Lilly has been engaged in in-depth market research to be able to communicate to the Hispanic market about diabetes in a culturally relevant way.  Steven Rommeney acknowledged that pharma as an industry is slow-moving and often the “last one to the dance”.  There are difficult problems to be dealt with as well as rigorous regulations.  He recognizes that this community is effected by diabetes more so than its general market counterpart, and needs information and services.  I am excited to see how this plays out in the next 6 months to a year.

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