Add Your Mom on FaceBook

Add Your Mother on FaceBook, A New Marketing Campaign

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Add Your Mom on FaceBook

Add Your Mom on FaceBook

The Central Lechera Asturiana has presented a campaign that asks young people if they would accept or reject a friend request from their mothers on the popular social network.

Mother’s Day is always an excuse to create a myriad of marketing campaigns, however, few have been so original as the campaign by the Central Lechera Asturiana “Add your Mom on FaceBook.”

And the idea has not disappeared- everything started with a video on YouTube. In it, a young man named Álvaro Garrido receives a friend request from his mother, who wants to add him to her FaceBook.

During the short, Álvaro tries to explain to his mother that he is not going to add her because his friends will taunt him, however, he won’t do it in the usual way. He will carry it out with an original and catchy song that will make him a summer “hit.”

On the other hand, the video also gives us his mother’s opinion. Bernice (LeidiMama on Facebook) tries to make Álvaro add him on the social network, promising that she will not put up pictures from his childhood nor fuss over him on the net.

Help Álvaro decide if he should add his mother on FaceBook.

This curious stop directs users to a web page on which, by means of Twitter and Facebook, Álvaro asks the help of internet users in order to make the decision to accept his mother ‘s friend request.

The question is “What would you do? Would you add your mother on FaceBook?”

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