Latinos and Mobile Apps

Hispanic Buying Power in Mobile Apps

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Latinos and Mobile Apps

Latinos and Mobile Apps

I was aware that Hispanics are a tremendous buying power in the US, but what I wasn’t aware of was that a huge chunk of their dollars was going to mobile.  A previous article in Reach Hispanic states that Hispanics will spend around $17.6 Billion in 2012, a 30% increase over the previous year. That is a big number, but I was also interested in a new article I found in eMarketer which talks specifically about Hispanics’ spending in mobile applications.

The article says that Hispanics will spend $500 million in mobile apps alone, and apparently one of the reasons is because Hispanics are early adopters of technology and are also more likely than whites to go online using mobile devices.  According to December 2011 research by advisory firm Zpryme, smartphone penetration was 51.5% among the survey group, which was comprised almost entirely of mobile owners from which only 6.1% said they didn’t have a mobile phone.

According to eMarketer, the high adoption rates for smartphones among Hispanics are likely due to the fact that they are on average a young group, and more likely to use mobile devices instead of landlines.

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