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10 Advantages of Company Landing Pages

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Landing Page

Landing Page

Landing pages are used as a tool to promote a product or service in a personalized way, raising the level of conversion of traffic generated by our SEM marketing companies with Google AdWords, Yahoo!, eMail Marketing, Affiliates, etc.


1. Maximum personalization when it comes to adapting the page to show the particularities of a product or service: the offer, its characteristics… and in general, the look & feel adapted with a specific layout, colors, images, and typography, furthermore, a personalized formula for the concrete necessities of the landing page.

2. Simplification of the navigation possibilities by keeping the visual distractions to a minimum in order to guide the visitors to the generation of an immediate contact via form, phone…

3. Utilization of the most effective commercial language that is used on the corporate website when it comes to presenting the product for a clear call to action.

4. Possibility of using one’s own domain so that it is notable and easy to remember, to communicate the name of the product or its utility… The domain is used as reinforcement of the commercial message used in advertising.

5. Total control of the results of the various campaigns that direct visits to this website to have fully differentiated information concerning this page.

6. The creation of an additional corporate web page which allows one to multiply the presence of our company in the search results.

7. Agility, well, not that it is necessary to involve the IT department of the company, since this could be an externalized project.

8. Security, since it is not necessary to access the FTP of the corporate website.

9. The page constantly has the improved possibility of adapting our landing page in conjunction with the results offered by a campaign without limitations.

10.  Increase of the profitability of our campaigns both online and offline due to increased conversion rate of visit to ‘lead’ or client result of the sum of the previous reasons, thus allowing quick recovery of the investment in the design of a landing page.

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