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Around 376,000 Mexican tourists traveled to New York last year, almost double the amount in 2005.

Around 376,000 Mexican tourists traveled to New York last year, almost double the amount in 2005.

Now that Mexico is on everyone’s radar, New York is not an exception.

After the number of Mexicans that have visited the skyscraper city has almost doubled over the past six years, the city’s Tourism Bureau, NYC & Co., is expanding its presence in Mexico City.

“We want to be visible and assure ourselves that we are in the mindset of Mexican travelers,” commented George Fertitta, Executive Director of NYC & Co.

The agency has had a consultant in the Mexican capital, but now has a complete office, in charge of Connect Worldwide, an agency dedicated to travel promotion. Fertitta said that the agency is “investing millions of dollars in advertising and marketing efforts” for the project. But this does not mean cash. On the contrary, it includes elements such as the organization of the exchange of outside advertising with other cities.

It is important to mention that the new office is not created to supply a service to travelers. Its function is to help to forge stronger relationships with tour operators, the media, airlines, and other actors in Mexico’s tourism sector.

It is estimated that 376,000 Mexicans traveled to New York last year, as opposed to the 192,000 who traveled there in 2005.

This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationship between two of the biggest cities in the world, as well as to note their economic capacity through tourism.

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