Hispanic Marketing? Enjoy It While You Can

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Marketing to Hispanics

Marketing to Hispanics

Will someone please recommend an ad agency that can help target Italian Americans?  How about Irish Americans?  Jews?  Chinese?

Anybody?  Bueller? Well, how about an agency to help me target U.S. Hispanics?  That’s more like it!  A dime a dozen. Well, perhaps only for a limited time.

No, I’m not saying that Hispanic marketing is fading any time soon. But statistics show that while the challenges that U.S. Hispanics face in entering the US are different from those of previous waves of immigrants, Hispanics are assimilating as fast as or faster than most of them. Some argue that by the third generation, they are as gringo as apple pie.

A recent article in the New York Times (April 20, 2013) references data from the Pew Research Center that points to Hispanic integration into American culture following a pattern no different than that of previous waves of immigrants (see: Hispanics, the New Italians). In some cases, that seems to be happening even faster.

The data categories include language adoption, marriage to a different ethnicity, level of education attained and household income.  For second and third generation Hispanics in the US, the data shows significant departures from their predecessors.

This begs the question:  How much longer until the critical mass of U.S. Hispanics is so assimilated that specially tailored marketing efforts are not necessary?  If you’re in Hispanic marketing today, your job seems safe.  But don’t expect your kids to follow in your footsteps.

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