It’s the Year of the Tablet in Brazil

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Brazil's market for tablets shows plenty of opportunity

Brazil’s market for tablets shows plenty of opportunity

As the market in Brazil continues to expand, so does the opportunity for new products and services. The mobile market in Brazil has been one of the fastest growing, along with the increase in mobile devices into the country. The latest trend the Brazilian market has experienced has been with tablets.

The success of tablets in Brazil has been tremendous. According to eMarketer, Brazil is expected to sell 5.8 million tablets in 2013, with already 1.3 million units sold in Q1. This is great information to advertisers who aim to target the Brazilian market. With more users online and using their mobile devices to access information, the more important it will become to get ads onto these platforms to reach the widest audience.

As newer technology continues make its international route, it is very likely that these tablets will soon be the leading means of online consumption to most consumers.

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