Latinos, Also Big Fans of Football

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Latinos and Football

Latinos and Football

Hispanics are known to love fútbol AKA soccer in the US. There is an assumption that fútbol is the only sport Latinos play and watch. As a Latino I would not blame those who assume this, since in Latin America fútbol is our number one sport,- we watch, eat and breathe this sport. Don’t get me wrong, we have other sports, but they are just not as big.

I am here to let the reader know that Hispanics are not just watching fútbol, the Hispanic community is also watching American football. According to Nielsen, in 2012 about 10 million Latinos watched Super Bowl XVII. The number of Latinos watching football is increasing so fast that even the NFL is noticing. In the U.S. the month between September 15th and October 15th is known as Hispanic Heritage month, and during this month every NFL team holds an event celebrating the occasion. For example, on September 10th seven players from the Indianapolis Colts hosted a football camp for 200 local Hispanic youth.

Other teams celebrate this month in many different ways, but the point is to increase awareness in the Hispanic community that the NFL is also a sport for us. The NFL has noticed the increase in Hispanic viewers, and this helps the NFL with ratings.  This definitely gives advertisers another way to target Hispanics, since they can now use sports such as both fútbol and football when trying to reach Hispanics.

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