Why Hispanics Matter to Soccer

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Q+A Marcos Baer on Marketing Soccer to Hispanics

Q+A Marcos Baer on Marketing Soccer to Hispanics

Reach Hispanic asks Portada Publisher Marcos Baer 4 Questions about Sports Marketing

Portada’s Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum will take place on September 25 in New York City. The Forum will provide a comprehensive overview of the evolving Hispanic sports marketing landscape. Marcos Baer spoke to Reach Hispanic to discuss Sports Marketing at the 2014 Soccer World Cup.

– What role do Hispanics play in the growing success of soccer in the U.S.?

The approximately 60 million Hispanics living in the U.S. play a tremendous role for the expansion of soccer in the U.S. The passion that Hispanics have for soccer is very appealing to the rest of the U.S. population. Remember that millions of Americans watched soccer matches on Univision during the last World Cup even though they do not speak Spanish. However, while Spanish is obviously important as a “soccer language” in the U.S., English is more used overall. This indicates how popular it already is among the mainstream U.S. population. According to stats compiled by Gilt Edge Soccer Marketing and the AC&M Group, in 2012 a total of 2,928 unique soccer matches were broadcast live or same delay in the United States. Of these, 43.17% were broadcast in English only, 28.72% in Spanish and 28.11% in English & Spanish.

According to some estimates, soccer attracts around 60% of the advertising budget spent on sports marketing at a global scale. This ratio is lower in the U.S. but it is definitely increasing.

– NBC Sports recently started broadcasting the English Premier League to a broad US audience, can we expect broadcasters to take a similar interest in other (primarily Hispanic) leagues?

Not sure the English Premier League can be defined as a Hispanic league. The most covered leagues are in this order: Liga Mexicana de Futbol, Major League Soccer and English Premier League.

– When one thinks about Hispanic sports, soccer is certainly top of mind, what other sports offer the greatest opportunities for Hispanic marketers and why?

  • Basketball, as some Latin American players play in the NBA.

  • Baseball, particularly for Hispanics of Caribbean descent.

  • Boxing is a sport many Hispanics are passionate about.

– Given the sociopolitical unrest we witnessed in the Confederations Cup held in Brazil earlier in the summer, what can brands expect during next year’s World Cup?

This is a touchy issue and obviously not often referred to by marketers. However, the chance that there will be major sociopolitical unrest during the 2014 World Cup is relatively unlikely. I think that these oppressed groups have more of a rationale to make a very legitimate case for themselves during the period leading up to the World Cup (e.g. this year’s Confederation’s Cup) than during the World Cup itself. They have the leverage/ bargaining power to achieve their social and political goals before the World Cup, by threatening to continue protesting at the World Cup, than during it. Major unrest during the World Cup would also have bad consequences for the lower Brazilian economic classes. No one would really win in that case.

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