What is Mexico Going to Find at the World Cup?

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Mexico is situated as the lowest-nominated team in “Group A.”

Mexico is situated as the lowest seeded team in “Group A.”

The Mexican national soccer team team has been criticized in the past few months for their bad performance before the CONCACAF brackets in the final World Cup elimination round.

Some voices encouraged the Tricolor to lose by default so that they would not attend the World Cup, for fear of total humiliation, others across social networks demanded the heads of the coaches, players, managers, and even those of television personnel. The most shocking was to find commentary by people who are markedly anti-soccer.

Why is attending the 2014 World Cup in Brazil so important? What difference would it make for the country to be in the world-wide soccer championship or not? Are there not sufficient problems in the country to occupy our time aside from this game that turns us into zombies without free will? Those were and still are some of the “less sympathetic” questions of the sport, but at the same time the “very well-informed” keep debating, even today.

If the love of the game, the sport, the addiction to that explosion of adrenaline when the net inflates with the ball, the dribbling of the gifted, or the tackle of the seasoned player, the shouts of the wounded, the music, the rhythm, the plastic, the idols, and the stops are not enough to understand the importance of the “game”, I will leave you with one word: Money.

If Mexico did not attend the World Cup it is estimated that there would be over 600 million dollars in losses.

As you all know, the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol comes from a private initiative, in short, they are the owners of the first division teams. Because of this, the main source of income and employment generation in this country will have been gravely affected if Mexico were not to have achieved a chance in the World Cup. Damn money I would argue, but that’s how the world works; and a big part of this dynamic engine are the brands that will accompany the different teams. Mexico is playing in “Group A”, accompanied by the squads from Brazil, Cameroon, and Croatia. We present you with an infographic that shows the numbers and the brands that will also be on the sidelines in this group at the start of the World Cup.

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