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Hispanic Shopper

Hispanic Online Shopper

I came across a great article the other day on MediaPost.  It shared the results from a great study conducted by Experian Marketing Services.  The results of the study showed US Hispanics have a higher tendency to shop online for goods and services; more so than the US General Population.  This is a HUGE eye opener!

Brands have been focusing on reaching Millennials, Gen Y, Gen X, Baby Boomers and everyone in between with online media and more recently, multi-screen media with smart phones, tablets and laptops. There have been some brands that have targeted the US Hispanic audience, but have been focused more on TV and Radio. Experian’s study now sheds light on why Fortune 1000 brands need to include Digital Marketing and Media when wanting to reach US Hispanics.  

US Hispanics are tech savvy and are using Social Media and their mobile devices to make the most of their time and shop for the favorite brands. They are brand loyal and even more so when their social network promotes such brands. The Experian study shows:

  • 54% of US Hispanic Smartphone Owners visited an online store
  • US Hispanics spend more time in online stores, via their mobile devices, than the general population and have indexed:
    • Macys.com Index of 245% (Non Hispanics Index 100)
    • Sears.com Index of 187%
    • Gamestop.com Index of 159%
    • Walmart.com Index of 153%
    • OldNavy.com Index of 140%
  • US Hispanics are 30% more likely to purchase a product advertised on a Social Site
  • US Hispanics also use technology to make the most efficient purchases.  A Valassis study showed:
  • 84% of US Hispanics look for online coupons, compared to 71% of US General population
  • 80% of US Hispanics have downloaded online coupons from a mobile device, compared to only 66% of the US General Population.
  • Almost 70% of US Hispanics said they have used coupons found on social media sites and 61% said they have shared coupons!  This is almost 20% more than the general consumer; with only 39% of them stating they share coupons via social media.

So, what does this all mean?

It means US Hispanics are tech savvy, they embrace their brands via their gadgets and love to share with friends and family.  They realize they can make the most efficient use of their shopping time by utilizing their tech tools to make purchases and save money.  US Brands have the opportunity to reach this tech savvy, and brand loyal audience, via intelligent digital marketing.  Brands can also take it a step further and create multi-leveled messaging that can reach and speak to the US Hispanic audience in their language; Spanish, English or Spanglish.  By targeting US Hispanics with the right language and message, brands then may develop an even stronger bond with their US Hispanics shoppers.

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