Google & ABC Develop a Programmatic Ad Exchange

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Google and ABC used a new programmatic ad exchange service on premium sites.

Brands can now reserve Google’s private programmatic exchanges in the header sections of premium websites. The company is working with ABC to advertise on the new program Rising Star using an exchange that only places ads in positions that stand out most, those that are not normally associated with automatized purchasing.

This exchange is unique because it has excess to exclusive inventory through several top-quality editors, selected and chosen manually.

For Google, it’s about building upon its recent programmatic strategy

This strategy attracted brands to automatic purchasing methods by a careful selection of the editors that could participate. Still, one of the setbacks has been the lack of inventory for these specialized profiles as well as for ads, which is obviously what entertainment brands like ABC need.

Ben Blatt, director of digital strategy for ABC Television, commented:

“When you introduce a new TV show, you need a lot of space to get the message across.”

For Rising Star, ABC took charge of header spaces on sites like Rolling Stone, US Weekly, and Men’s Journal. The network was able to automate the ad’s purchasing process on the web’s leading home pages without having to approach each editor individually.

According to Blatt, they were able to run big headers in places where they’ve never been able to before, and track who was viewing their messages. The private exchange not only automatizes the process of when and where ads are placed, but also uses data to better tailor messages to consumers.

Interest in programming purchasing continues to increase as more brands invest in the technology. Still, one of the fears is that automation could devalue the inventory, and online editors have been reluctant to sell space this way in the past.

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