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Alcance Meda Group‘s Founder/CEO Chris’ path to Hispanic culture wasn’t obvious growing up in Midland, Michigan. Today Chris leads a multicultural staff, travels frequently to Latin America.

The Best Way to Reach Latam Audiences

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Latin American digital ad spending to increase by 31.5% in 2013 as brands realize that digital advertising is the key to reaching the Latin American consumer.

Brands realize that digital advertising is the key to reaching the Latin American consumer.

“If you have ever been stuck in Mexico City traffic where you see the same billboard for 30 minutes straight (since your car hasn’t moved), you would understand why it is our main advertising tool”, is actually what a Marketing Director told me in a meeting.  Yet as much as that statement is truthful given the state of automobile traffic in many Latin American cities, the amount of web traffic flowing through laptops, mobile telephones, and tablets is much greater, and as it turns out per a recent eMarketer survey,it’s the leading source for consumers to get information about new products.

Quick hit from the study:  72% of Mexican respondents found out about new brands and products online.

Guayerless: Telecom and Hispanics

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Mobile Hispanics

Mobile Hispanics

Bilingual Hispanic mobile users are 39% more likely to own a smartphone than the average user, while 75% of U.S. Latinos currently own smartphones. What’s more, 53% of Hispanics prefer mobile devices as their primary source for entertainment. If you didn’t get it yet, the Hispanic market is a key demographic for the telecommunications industry.  However, the question of whether or not the telecommunications industry is doing enough to reach out to this market is most definitely not the resounding YES that it should be.

All the recent trends point to stats like the ones mentioned to not only show the importance of reaching Hispanics through their mobile phones, but also supporting the fact that they are important users and potential clients of the telecom companies. According to a recent article in Forbes by Glenn Llopis, many telecommunication companies do little more than translate some ads and say that they are reaching out, yet much more is required than that.

The overall Hispanic population in the U.S. is mobile savvy and a key market.  Also noted in the article was the potential saturation of telecom messaging in the general market, which will force the telecommunications companies to look elsewhere for growth, such as the Hispanic market.  At Alcance Media Group, while we have seen less of a sustained effort from major providers, those such as Verizon who have consistently reached out have seen excellent results.

Latinos get their News in English

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News in English

News in English

Smart marketers are continually looking to get their message out and connect with the Hispanic consumer in a variety of ways. Of course, the less savvy marketer may just translate an ad and throw it on Univision and say that he had done some Hispanic outreach; however, they will soon find out that it is not that simple.

In the latest report from Pew Hispanic Research Center there is a ray of hope for those marketers who are trying to reach U.S. Hispanics in English. Although the study shows that 68% of respondents say that they get at least some of their news in Spanish, the number has declined from 78% in 2006.  Additionally, in 2012, 82% of Hispanic adults said that they get at least some of their news in English, and 50% claim that they get their news in both languages. While the numbers are emphasizing the growing importance of English-language news for the Hispanic community (an example is Being Latino), there is of course still an important segment that continues to get information from their home country. 

The Growing Online Audience – LATAM Taking the Lead

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Online and mobile audiences in Latin America continue to outpace other regions in terms of the growing online audience.

Online and mobile audiences in Latin America continue to outpace other regions in terms of the growing online audience.

As someone with experience doing in business in Latin America, the fact that the region has the fastest growing online audience in the world is a positive sign. Recently I attended Portada’s Latin America Media and Advertising conference (Alcance Media Group was a sponsor), as well as observed a recent Comscore presentation, and the messages are definitely aligning in the digital world. An audience that is already significantly large, and the fact that it is the one of the fastest growing regions in the world (12% growth from March 2012-2013) highlight its importance.

There is a viewable presentation called Futuro Digital Latinoamerica 2013 available from Comscore (available only in Spanish) that gives a greater amount of detail on the region, but some of the more interesting findings are related to Mexico. While it is the second largest country in the region in terms of overall population as well as internet population, there are also numerous challenges in terms of digital access.

Rising E-Commerce in Mexico

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Are the old days of waiting in long lines in Latin America to do everything from paying your electric bill to cashing your paycheck a thing of the past? Probably not yet.  However, for countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico, the option exists for those who are digitally connected to avoid the lines and make an increasing amount of transactions online or through their mobile devices.

Increased credit card use, technological innovations, increased broadband connectivity, and smartphone penetration all offer the means to connect electronically, but just like in countries with strong e-commerce sales, the businesses themselves are realizing that it is not only convenient for the consumer, but can significantly decrease operating costs.  A recent report related to research on “Mobile and alternative payments in Mexico” cites the increased investment in mobile platforms for telecommunications as well as the banking sector in Mexico.