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A Mexican-American from San Rafael, California, Susan Ayoob holds a B.A. in Literature from UC Santa Cruz and a Masters in Translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies. She has lived in Spain, France and Mexico, and thus has an appreciation for Manchego, Camembert, and Cotija.

Honey Maid Redefines Wholesome

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Honey Maid: This is Wholesome

Honey Maid: This is Wholesome

All of a sudden, there is one 30-second spot I have seen a lot recently on television and online for Honey Maid, a division of Mondelez International. The brief ad has a theme, “this is wholesome”, and highlights several loving families. What makes the ad distinctive is that the families it showcases include a single father and his son, a tattooed musician and his family, an interracial family, a military family, and a family with two gay fathers. In 2014 it should not be noteworthy that such families should be shown in a national ad campaign, but it is, and it is heartening to see.

Although the campaign is not Hispanic-focused per se, it seems relevant to those of us who work in Hispanic marketing because we are always questioning the concept of general market and total market.

Pizza Patron: Badass Marketing

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Pizza Patrón uses a questionable word, chingona, to promote its new pizza.

Pizza Patrón uses a questionable word, chingona, to promote its new pizza.

We have previously written in Reach Hispanic about Pizza Patron’s unique approach to reaching the Hispanic market. This earlier article, “Pizza Patron’s Secret to Success”, noted 3 keys to the Dallas-based pizza chain’s success: find out what is special to your target market, understand your market’s cultural preferences, and focus on the experience/feel of the brand and company. Pizza Patron appears to have followed all of these rules in launching its latest offering, a pizza loaded with extra jalapeños. It is a pizza called “La Chingona”.

Your reaction to those two words will reveal a lot about your familiarity with Mexican Spanish as it is used today. NPR notes that some find the word to be vulgar and cringe at its use, while others think it is merely synonymous with cool (one expert quoted likens it to the American English word “badass”).

Spanish-Specific Domain Names

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Go Daddy now offers the .uno domain for the Spanish-speaking world

Go Daddy now offers the .uno domain for the Spanish-speaking world

When we talk about opportunities for reaching the Hispanic market, we usually speak of these opportunities as they relate to advertisers and government agencies.

GoDaddy has recently shown that even companies like the domain registrar and site builder can target the Hispanic market with a niche product offering. Specifically, they are offering the .uno domain for the global Hispanic community.

Shaul Jolles, of Dot Latin (no, .latin is not yet available as a domain), breathlessly states that .UNO will be the first new top level domain to launch that will globally connect and unite Hispanic and Latino communities, businesses, consumers, and individuals in support of a multicultural and multilingual Internet…”. To me, the previous statement is contradictory. How can a distinctly unique domain for one linguistic community support a multilingual internet? More importantly, does it really matter what domain a company or individual uses?

Covered California Needs Latinos

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Covered California

Covered California

In order for Obamacare to be successful, it needs large enrollment from two key groups: young people and Latinos. California has plenty of both, so it is critical for uninsured Latinos in the state to enroll in the program. Unfortunately, those charged with attracting Latinos in the state to sign up have faced some setbacks in reaching this important market.

Bessie Ramirez of Santiago Solutions Group notes in KPBS that there were several missteps in the initial marketing campaign to Latinos.

When to Post on Social Media

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Ya estoy en Twitter, y luego?

I’m on Twitter, then what?

In the world of digital marketing, especially in the maze of social media marketing gurus, you always hear talk about how to stand out among the cacophony of constant messages. Marketing pros are always looking for the right moment to publish. Merca 2.0 feeds this eagerness to find the user at just the right moment with its infograph.

It shouldn’t be news that, to give an example, it is recommended to advertise on LinkedIn between 7:00 AM and 9:00AM since it’s a site that people see at the beginning of the work day. Also, you don’t need to advertise there on weekends. On the other hand, on Facebook it’s best to advertise in the afternoons (from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM) and on Wednesdays. It’s assumed that there are many workers that look at the site at the end of the work day.