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Latinos and Mobile Apps

Hispanic Buying Power in Mobile Apps

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Latinos and Mobile Apps

Latinos and Mobile Apps

I was aware that Hispanics are a tremendous buying power in the US, but what I wasn’t aware of was that a huge chunk of their dollars was going to mobile.  A previous article in Reach Hispanic states that Hispanics will spend around $17.6 Billion in 2012, a 30% increase over the previous year. That is a big number, but I was also interested in a new article I found in eMarketer which talks specifically about Hispanics’ spending in mobile applications.

The article says that Hispanics will spend $500 million in mobile apps alone, and apparently one of the reasons is because Hispanics are early adopters of technology and are also more likely than whites to go online using mobile devices.  According to December 2011 research by advisory firm Zpryme, smartphone penetration was 51.5% among the survey group, which was comprised almost entirely of mobile owners from which only 6.1% said they didn’t have a mobile phone.

According to eMarketer, the high adoption rates for smartphones among Hispanics are likely due to the fact that they are on average a young group, and more likely to use mobile devices instead of landlines.

Android Phone

Hispanics and Mobile Spending: An Increase

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Android Phone

Android Phone

According to an article in HispanicPRBlog, Hispanics Will Spend $17.6B on Mobile Devices in 2012 – this from a Zpryme INFOgraphic report entitled “2012 Hispanic Mobile Consumer Trends.”

Based on a survey of Hispanic residents in the U.S., the report found that growth this year will be 30% for purchases of Mobile devices compared to 2011, while App purchases will total $500 Million, an increase of 67%. The report confirms that because Hispanics are less likely to own a home computer than the general market, “as a result, they turn to mobile devices for all-things-web.” (It should be noted, however, that the report seems to count laptops as a mobile device). Recent data from the Pew Hispanic Center and others has shown that Hispanics overindex in both smartphone and tablet penetration. The Zpryme report adds that “almost 20 percent of all social media activity by Hispanic consumers occurs on a smartphone.” After noting the Hispanic predisposition for interacting with online advertising, the article’s author delivers the following punchline: “Leaders in spending on Hispanic marketing have outperformed those firms who have not spent much on Hispanic advertising by 270 basis points in terms of organic sales growth in the United States over the last three years. ”

The report includes many interesting additional stats, including:

Over the next six months Hispanics are likely to purchase: smartphone (24%), laptop (21%), and tablet (18%).
Top three smartphone OS used by Hispanics: Android (27%), Apple (21%), and Blackberry (7%)
Top three mobile devices owned by Hispanics: laptop (70%), smartphone (52%), and mp3 player (42%)
Top three activities online by Hispanics are: (84%) email, (67%) social networking and (54%) video/music

Cuba develops its own Social Network

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Red Social Cuba

Red Social Cuba

Facebook is without a doubt the dominant social network around the world, although there are certain countries where other networks predominate. Brazil has Orkut, China has Ren Ren and Russia has VKontakte. Cuba never had its own network until now, with the advent of Red Social. Created by the Cuban Ministry of Education with the aim of connecting universities around the country, the social network is only accessible through an intranet on the island.

News of the network was first reported on the Cuban blog La Chiringa de Cuba by Carlos Alberto Pérez Benitez. The site uses a Facebook clone address that is inaccessible from the United States (just try it: http://facebook.ismm.edu.cu/).  It is also interesting to note that last year Cuba launched its own sort of Wikipedia, Ecu Red which offers a Cuban view of things (often with a strong political tone). Given the political uprising in Egypt earlier this year, which was fueled by participation on Facebook, closed regimes are nervous about the potential for political organizing on social networks. This may explain Cuba’s decision to start Red Social. And since only 2% of Cubans have internet access, it’s unlikely that Facebook will be pursuing legal action about the very similar designs and the use of their domain name any time soon.

Business travel and tourism in mexico

Written by Christopher Stanley on . Posted in Marketing, Mexico, U.S. Hispanic

Mexico, the place you thought you knew.

Mexico, the place you thought you knew.

With Spring Break looming, the Texas Department of Public Safety recently released a warning to their citizens NOT go to Mexico over spring break. Noble as the intentions may have been, it is just one of the many warnings that have come out about traveling to Mexico. If you watch the news, the only thing happening in Mexico is death, however as someone who frequents Mexico for business and leisure, there is a much different story to be told.

Admittedly, I am not traveling to Ciudad Juarez or many of the border towns, and probably wouldn’t recommend it, but I can say that I feel safer in Mexico City at night than in Oakland. On my last trip to Mexico City, when I stayed in the city center, not only did it feel secure, but to some extent, there was too much of a U.S. city feeling for my taste. With 100 Starbucks, and the presence of iPads at about 50 percent of the meetings, there are times when you wouldn’t know the difference.  While that may be a stretch, with access to anything any major city has to offer, from coffee shops to top French culinary options, by taking the standard precautions necessary for any tourist or business destination, there is no need to avoid Mexico.

On March 10, 2011, the Mexico Tourism Board issued a statement regarding the Texas travel advisory. To give a little perspective, last year more than 22 million foreigners visited Mexico with 2.5 of those being air travelers from Texas. There are certainly dangerous places in Mexico, however the majority of the violence is happening in only 3 of Mexico´s 32 states, and none of them include Mexico City, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or other major tourism destinations. From the Mexico Tourism Board’s ad campaigns, one can find safe, under-explored travel destinations with resources such as Visit Mexico, which will give up-to-date information about the safest destinations and any necessary precautions.

After all, if we planned our vacations and business trips according to the news, we probably would never travel anywhere, or for that matter live where we live. Safe travels!

Prepare to see Green on Cyber Monday

Written by Christopher Stanley on . Posted in Digital, Marketing, U.S. Hispanic

Break Out the Credit Card, It's Almost Cyber Monday

Break Out the Credit Card, It’s Almost Cyber Monday

The greatest of holiday traditions is finally upon us, no not family, turkey, football or Christmas decorations, but the holiday shopping season.  Frantic swarms of over-caffeinated deal seekers ready to take advantage of early morning deals for “Black Friday”, and of course those less interested in fighting for parking spots but wanting to get a jump on the shopping on the following “Cyber Monday” or “Black Monday”.

What about the Hispanic market and the advertisers that are reaching out to that market?  With research such as a 2010 study by Redbean Society and New American Dimensions on the shopping habits of Latina women, who represent a market expected to reach $1.3 trillion in buying power by 2013, showing that they are not only over-indexing in frequency of shopping (20% more often) but have a higher ticket purchase (37% higher) compared to non-Hispanics, it is no wonder that marketers are scrambling to reach out.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s, companies from AT&T to Walmart will be courting the Hispanic market.  Through an influential group of Latina bloggers or “Blogueras”, such as Thoughts of a Mommy, Spanglish Baby, Modern Mami and other mediums, retailers will be focusing on Latinas.  However, you shouldn’t expect the men to be left out during the Holiday season, as you can be sure that companies such as Best Buy will be getting into the act.

While the marketers will be targeting each and every potential shopper regardless of race, age or sex, there is one color that matters at the end of the day- green. There are sure to be some entertaining attempts to reach out during the holiday season, and as the holiday ads start to arrive, we will of course be sharing them with you through the Reach Hispanic Media Center; we encourage you to share some of your most entertaining with us. Happy shopping everyone.

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