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The richest man alive: Carlos Slim Helu

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Carlos Slim Helu

Carlos Slim Helu

Forbes Magazine released in a recent article the names and fortunes of the richest man alive. At the top of the golden ladder is Carlos Slim from Mexico, who is the owner of Telecommunication companies in Mexico and in Latin America.

Mr. Slim’s fortune surpassed Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. According to recent New York Stock Exchange information, “The telecom mogul, who gets 62% of his fortune from America Movil, added $20.5 billion to his fortune, more than any other billionaire.” Also, he purchased important stakes in important international companies such as The New York Times Company, where he owns 6.9 percent.

Business travel and tourism in mexico

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Mexico, the place you thought you knew.

Mexico, the place you thought you knew.

With Spring Break looming, the Texas Department of Public Safety recently released a warning to their citizens NOT go to Mexico over spring break. Noble as the intentions may have been, it is just one of the many warnings that have come out about traveling to Mexico. If you watch the news, the only thing happening in Mexico is death, however as someone who frequents Mexico for business and leisure, there is a much different story to be told.

Admittedly, I am not traveling to Ciudad Juarez or many of the border towns, and probably wouldn’t recommend it, but I can say that I feel safer in Mexico City at night than in Oakland. On my last trip to Mexico City, when I stayed in the city center, not only did it feel secure, but to some extent, there was too much of a U.S. city feeling for my taste. With 100 Starbucks, and the presence of iPads at about 50 percent of the meetings, there are times when you wouldn’t know the difference.  While that may be a stretch, with access to anything any major city has to offer, from coffee shops to top French culinary options, by taking the standard precautions necessary for any tourist or business destination, there is no need to avoid Mexico.

On March 10, 2011, the Mexico Tourism Board issued a statement regarding the Texas travel advisory. To give a little perspective, last year more than 22 million foreigners visited Mexico with 2.5 of those being air travelers from Texas. There are certainly dangerous places in Mexico, however the majority of the violence is happening in only 3 of Mexico´s 32 states, and none of them include Mexico City, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or other major tourism destinations. From the Mexico Tourism Board’s ad campaigns, one can find safe, under-explored travel destinations with resources such as Visit Mexico, which will give up-to-date information about the safest destinations and any necessary precautions.

After all, if we planned our vacations and business trips according to the news, we probably would never travel anywhere, or for that matter live where we live. Safe travels!

Mexico’s natural wonder: The Copper Canyon

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Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon

The deepest and most spectacular Canyon of the Sierra Madre Ranges is the Copper Canyon or “Barranca del Cobre,” located south of the US border, in the states of Chihuahua and Sinaloa, Mexico.

It has historically been an enigma destination because of the difficulty of transportation access and the lack of advertisement and information about the region. In recent years however, the decline of visitors has been caused by the panic created from the wave of crimes related to the drug violence around the country, specially in the northern border.

The Copper Canyon has been a destination to travelers and adventurers who have been coming for centuries, this area is a wild and underexplored part of Mexico but it is NOT a dangerous place to visit.

Tourist services have operated here for over fifty years, safely hosting thousands of travelers throughout the Canyon’s region without ever encountering any violence.

Copper Canyon Map

Copper Canyon Map

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