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Digital Advertising, the Challenge of 2016 for LATAM

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Digital Advertising 2016

Digital Advertising 2016

While here in the United States Internet advertising and especially mobile are making big strides, Latin America is not staying far behind. Traditional advertising is in decline and advertising agencies in Latin America are faced with the challenge of how to reach the public in a more effective way.

We still see TV commercials and hear radio commercials that make us laugh. However, we only spend a few hours in front of a TV relative to the amount of time we spend in front of a computer or cell phone.

The Most Searched Digital Professions in Latin America

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Digital Professions

Digital Professions

Now that we’re on the eve of the end of 2014, businesses like LinkedIn have decided to investigate to understand the professions and skills with the most demand on the platform. It turned out that the most requested was Social Media Marketing, which had the majority of the most-searched abilities, surpassing even Mobile Marketing and Cloud Computing.

In the digital era, most companies look for professionals that are linked to the digital marketing context. According to studies, Latin America has the highest volume of social network-savvy people.

Unexpected Growth in Mexico’s Economy

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Mexico City

Mexico City

While living in the United States we tend to pay attention to mostly news in the US, and tend not to pay as much attention to the news back home or Latin America in general. The reason I say this is because today I was reading an article about the economy in Mexico.

According to Bloomberg Mexico’s economy grew more than it was expected to. One of the main reasons why it picked up was because of a higher demand on exports, an unexpected growth which has helped the country to recover from six months of disappointing growth, the article states. Mexico also has the second largest economy in Latin America. This growth made an impact on so many levels in the Mexican economy that the peso strengthened from 0.3% to 13.0908% per U.S. dollar.

LATAM Most Promising Region for Mobile Ads

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Photo credit: Business Insider

Photo credit: Business Insider

We are all going mobile, but Latin America is taking it to another level! Last year’s report shows a 71 percent increase in mobile advertising for Latin America in 2012, and this year’s report reveals 215 percent for 2013. So just imagine 2014; Latin America will rock it.

Studies show that Latin America revenues for mobile are the lowest of all regions, but it is the most promising one. In 2012, revenues for mobile ads hit $8.9 billion worldwide, and Latin America’s revenue was the lowest at 0.6 percent ($50 million), compared to the Asian-Pacific region, which reached 40 percent ($3,558 million). In terms of yearly growth, reports for 2013 show 215 percent growth in Latin America, the highest of all regions, compared to the Asian-Pacific region, which falls into the second lowest rank with just 69 percent.

How to Target Hispanics: Anheuser-Busch

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Montejo Mexican beer

Montejo Mexican beer

In a recent article, I wrote about the need for brands in the United States to focus their efforts on the Hispanic population. There are many stats out there that prove that Hispanic’s buying power is very powerful, which is why in my articles I have always tried to encourage brands.

Lately I have seen many advertisers change their style of branding names/products. They are now creating ads in Spanish and working with Premium Hispanic Ad Networks like Alcance Media Group.

Today I read a very interesting article in Hispanic Ad which talks about a totally different way to reach Hispanics. Anheuser-Busch will import Montejo, a Mexican beer with origins in Merida, Yucatan, to be their first import from Mexico to the United States.

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