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Copa America Centenario


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Startup Chile


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Mexico Increases in Number of Internet Users

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Internautas Mexicanos

Internautas Mexicanos

We all know that Latin America is growing more every day in its number of internet users, but the growth that Mexico has had in online users is huge. Unlike 2013, it has grown up to 50%, a level which is comparable to that of Brazil, the #1 online market in Latin America according to a recent article on Latin Link.

One advantage of targeting Mexican internet users with online advertising is their strong use of the medium. Mexican internet users spend about 41 hours per week on the internet, almost 6 hours per day. They also spend 13 hours per week watching TV, which means that they spend more time surfing online. They spend 4 hours listening to radio and only 3 hours reading the newspaper. 

4G Technology in Latin America

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4G Networks in Latin America

4G Networks in Latin America

Of the 259 networks that are currently operating in the world, Latin America has 36.

At present there are 97 countries worldwide that have this technology for mobile networks. 17 of these countries are from Latin America. You might ask yourself, what is 4G? and how would having a service like this benefit me? Below we will explain what 4G mobile networks are.

4G is the evolution in mobile networks, bringing high speed networks based on LTE technology. LTE is the abbreviation for Long Term Evolution, the standard name of the technology which supports high speed wireless networks. LTE systems allow the 4G network to reach speeds greater than 100 megabits per seconds, which was once thought to be impossible (definitely in mobile networks).

Tianguis Turístico (Tourist Street Market) 2014

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Tanguis Turístico Mexico 2014

Tianguis Turístico Mexico 2014

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Tianguis Turístico 2014 which was held in Cancun. It was full of Mexican folklore and the traditional exquisite gastronomy, which reflected the different regions of the country. One of my favorites was the food from Mérida Yucatán: the delicious cochinita pibil, panuchos, and the yummy tamales of the region.

It was definitely a good sample of Mexican culture, presented to the more than 61 countries that met at the Lakam Center the week of May 6-9.

According to the article published in CNN Expansion, the numbers revealed that this year 38,000 business meetings were arranged and 847 buyers participated in Tianguis. The number of participating nations represents 45% more attendees than the 2013 event in the city of Puebla.

Women, Finances, and a Bit More

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Mexican Women

Mexican Women

While growing up in Mexico, I always found it odd that even though both of my parents worked and provided for their children, at the end of the day my mother was the one who always kept up with both the finances of the home and the business. Now that I have a job and have started an independent life of my own, I come to find that my mother was just one of many exemplary women that were building the foundation for the upcoming generations, generations of Mexican women that proudly have been found to be the most involved in the family financial education worldwide.

American Stores in Mexico

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American Stores in Mexico

American brands invade Mexican malls

On a recent business trip to Bosques de las Lomas, a very exclusive and beautiful neighborhood in Mexico City, I felt like I was in the US for a moment when I saw that all around me there were only American stores: Crate and Barrel, Juicy Couture, among others. 

For major foreign department stores and brands, Mexico is a country with substantial economic potential. Since September, when stores like Gap, American Eagle, and Forever 21 arrived in the country, the Spanish store Zara has felt the competition. Zara opened its doors in Mexico in 1992 as one of the leading stores in the market. Or at least, it was at the time.

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