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2016 Electorate: Most diverse

The upcoming 2016 U.S. elections promise not only to be interesting, but will showcase...

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Copa America Centenario


Copa America is coming to the U.S. for its 100 year celebration...

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Startup Chile


Although many people would like to launch a company, it´s not a simple process...

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Mexican Brands That Have Crossed Borders

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Mexican Brands

Mexican Brands

We’ve heard about Rice Krispies, Heinz 57, and Chips Ahoy moving south. Now we’re hearing about Yemina, Bimbo, and Valle Verde heading north.

Mexican markets have around 18 million customers in the United States of Mexican descent, and not only Mexicans. I remember a completely Anglo worker who told me that he went three times a week to a Mexican store to buy Mexican cheeses.

And when you grow up with a brand in your country, you pass it on to future generations. I grew up with Marinela, Gansito, Pingüinos, and Choco Roles, and now my 7-year-old daughter who was born in the US also knows the famous Mexican treats. Without a doubt, those generations will continue to pass them on to their future children.

Each year Mexican brands are getting stronger. In 2009 Grupo Bimbo, a company based in Mexico City, bought the companies of Weston Foods in the United States, acquiring the distribution of 22 industrial bakeries and 4,000 routes of distribution. The Mexican company has 35 bakeries in the United States, including Entenmann’s Pastries, Boboli Pizza, and Thomas’ English Muffins (no longer so English).

Uber & Mexico Business

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Uber in Mexico City

In the world of business travel, especially international business travel, convenience and security (and frequent travel program benefits) are paramount to the business traveler as well as the company. This couldn’t be more evident than in my last trip to Mexico City.

While I do like some adventure and will actually use the Metro in Mexico City (which most business travelers will not), there is a lot to be said for having confidence in the brands that you use. For me, there are a few brands that I very much trust when traveling to Mexico:

American Express: from the club in the airport with WiFi and a free beer, to the travel rewards, to the knowledge that if there is any issue (a stolen or lost card or an issue with a provider) I can count on them to resolve it.

American Airlines: Yes, we have our differences from time to time, and I still hold out hope for an SFO to MEX direct route sometime in the future, but having Elite level status most definitely makes travel easier.

The Toy Industry in Mexico

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Christmas and Three Kings Day is the time where more is spent on advertising for that demographic.

Christmas and Three Kings Day is where more is spent on advertising for toys.

Toys, toys, and more toys. Christmas and the day of Three Wise Men are such important times; where family is celebrated and the little ones of the house make requests to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men.

Children are so important that this is the time in which the toy industry is the one that spends the most on advertising. In a recent article from Merca2.0, it was published that sales were estimated at around 11 million pesos.

Latin Films and Actors Making A Difference

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The author with Derbez

The author with Derbez

Eugenio Derbez is without a doubt one of the most prominent Latino actors from Mexico working in the United States. The 52 year old Mexican actor decided to pursue his career at the age of 7, when his mother, the actress Silvia Derbez, saw the Oscars as a dream come true. Today, he could be nominated to this prestigious award.

His movie, “No se aceptan devoluciones” (Instructions Not Included), is one of the most successful foreign films in the country at the moment. “Instructions Not Included” has brought in more than $44 million in the United States, and $46 million internationally.

Decline in Remittances to Mexico

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Remittances to Mexico are steadily dropping, while the rest of Latin America is showing a steady increase.

Remittances to Mexico are steadily dropping, while the rest of Latin America is showing a steady increase.

The overall amount of remittances going to Latin America has fallen substantially, and it is mostly because of the decline in money being sent to Mexico. According to a study from Pew Research Hispanic Trend Projects, this year the total amount of remittances going to Mexico was $22 billion dollars, down $1 billion from 2012. Mexico accounts for about 40% of all the remittances sent to Latin America, which is why there is an overall decline in the region, but interestingly enough, even though we see staggering remittance numbers in Mexico, the rest of Latin America is holding steady, if not increasing.

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