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Online Advertising Beats TV When It Comes to User Confidence

Written by Fernando Rosales Aguilar on . Posted in Digital, Marketing, Technology

TV vs. OrdenadorToday digital advertising is part of everyday life and anyone can play an important role, whether it’s as advertisers or customers. However, there still exists some mistrust for some users who think that all forms of paid advertising – TV, print media, digital media, and radio – have a point in favor of the “trust factor”.

The “trust factor” is due to the legacy of previous generations basing their confidence on the recommendations of other people, custom, and the lack of correct information. 

Goodbye Dating Sites, Walter Mercado Has Arrived

Written by Rodrigo E. Duran on . Posted in Digital, Marketing

Sir Walter Mercado

Sir Walter Mercado

The mother of all dating sites is here, and its creator is the “Hispanic father” of Astrology: Sir Walter Mercado.

Yes, you read correctly, Walter Mercado, the renown, eccentric, Latino-Liberace Astrologer, has created a new dating site for Hispanics to find their one true love. That site is called

To help non-Hispanics understand how ridiculously popular this astrologer is in every Latino household, try to imagine being mesmerized by a person who:

Hispanics and Diabetes

Written by Oscar Castro on . Posted in Marketing, U.S. Hispanic

Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods

I think we all know someone or a friend of someone who has diabetes. I just recently found out that a first cousin of mine has diabetes. Did you know that Hispanics are almost twice as likely as non-Hispanic whites to be diagnosed with diabetes?

Here’s a breakdown of the impact on Hispanic/Latino Sub-Groups in the U.S.:

  • 24% of Mexican Americans between the ages of 45 and 74 have diabetes.
  • 26% of Puerto Ricans between the ages of 45 and 74 have diabetes.
  • 16% of Cuban Americans in the U.S. between the ages of 45 and 74 have diabetes.

US Latinos is to Spanglish as LATAM Latinos is to Anglicisms

Written by Maria Pia Kirk on . Posted in Marketing, U.S. Hispanic



Not all Latinos in the US speak Spanish, but many of them speak Spanglish, without a doubt. By 2020, 34% of Latino families in the US will only speak English at home. Meanwhile, Spanish-speaking countries are adapting and will continue to adapt the Spanish language faced with new foreign words.

The Diccionario de la Real Academia Española (DRAE) is now in bookstores in Latin America and Spain since October 16. The twenty-third edition of the DRAE includes around 6 thousand new words. And among them is a large number of Americanisms and foreign words – especially Anglicisms.

Be Careful With Literal Translations

Written by Eduardo Reyes on . Posted in Marketing

Bad translation

Bad translation

Latin America is an interesting market. More and more US companies are developing and designing strategies to reach the enormous buying potential of consumers in the region.

In this process, it is important for companies to be supported by multicultural agencies in order to avoid the most common mistake: translating messages literally. Of course, in some cases this could work. However some words have more than one meaning, and each meaning depends on the country, the geographical zone, social economic status, or another context.