Latino Winemakers in California

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Latino Winemakers

Latino Winemakers

For some time Latinos have been the labor force behind the most influential wineries fueling the wine industry in the U.S. The stories of the men who left their homes in Mexico and came to the United States to find work in the vineyards in the Napa Valley are not unlike other stories, like the young immigrant moving to the US to pick grapes and the migrant farm workers who see possibilities beyond the fields.

We are Hispanics, We are D-backs

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Chase Field

Chase Field

The Arizona Diamondbacks have officially launched their Hispanic-community focused marketing campaign in 2015. The tagline “Somos Hispanos. Somos D-backs” translates into “We are Hispanic. We are D-backs” and will be featured in print, TV, radio, and social media. Their first commercial features Venezuelan David Peralta, Mexican Oliver Perez, and Cuban Yasmany Tomas. All 162 regular season games will be broadcast in Spanish. 

Do you know the meaning of Holy Week? (Also known as Lent)

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Holy Week

Holy Week (Photo credit –

Year after year, thousands of Catholics celebrate Holy Week, which begins after Ash Wednesday. Starting from that day, every Friday is considered holy and every Catholic person abstains from eating meat – particularly red meat, like that of cow and pig, for example. Some people say that chicken also falls into the category of red meat and that fish or any other seafood is the only thing that can be eaten on Fridays during Lent.

But many people wonder how this tradition started, where eating red meat is prohibited and one can only eat seafood. “Otro stylo para cocinar” (Another Style of Cooking) talks about this subject.

US and Cuba: Living Together in Perfect Harmony?

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Barack Obama and Raúl Castro

President Obama and President Castro (Source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

United States citizens are jumping on the opportunity to fly direct to Cuba from New Orleans, Louisiana and New York, New York.

Both cities are now offering nonstop flights to Cuba as the United States is taking steps to normalize diplomatic relations for the first time since 1961.

10 Examples of Creative Advertising

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creative-advertising-latamFrom the beginnings of advertising in the 20’s to the current day, there has been a surprising revolution in the industry.

Over time – and certainly with the help of technological innovations – it has gone from being simple informative advertising for a product or service to a highly creative form of advertising that grabs the attention of and seeks to strike the emotional and subconscious side of consumers.