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2016 Electorate: Most diverse

The upcoming 2016 U.S. elections promise not only to be interesting, but will showcase...

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Copa America Centenario


Copa America is coming to the U.S. for its 100 year celebration...

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Startup Chile


Although many people would like to launch a company, it´s not a simple process...

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April Fools’ Day, an Opportunity to Laugh and Go Viral

Written by Eduardo Reyes on . Posted in Digital, Marketing

April Fools' Day Prank

April Fools’ Day Prank

April 2, 2015

A few days ago I read that yesterday was April Fools’ day, so I made sure to be on the lookout for whatever prank somewhat might try on me. Unfortunately, my sixth sense wasn’t with me and I fell, inevitably, into the most ridiculous of jokes.

Yesterday when I was supposed to go to the bathroom at work, a sign indicated that it was out of service and suggested that I use the bathroom on the opposite side of the building. Without hesitation, I headed over to the indicated bathroom. At this bathroom, there was also a sign that said the same thing. I reflected for 30 seconds on how it could be that it recommended I go to the earlier one, when I already knew that it was bad. Did the Administration not catch their silly mistake? Anyway, the fact is that I realized that the foolish one was me, who had not caught the simple good humor of the Manager in house.

And that was how I decided to look for other examples of practical jokes. I discovered that it is possible to find a massive amount of videos, pictures, signs, etc. from companies that created their own pranks for this day. Some examples I liked were “Honda: The Selfie Edition”

One that struck me as both genius and ridiculous at the same time “A leg up on the competition”.

Also an honorable mention for Tesla Motors, Google Maps, Uber, and Samsung (many more examples can be found on CNN).

If I were to make a ranking, the most outstanding in my judgment is the joke from who we would have least expected one: the scientists at the Large Hydron Collider CERN, who confirmed “the existence of the Force”.

April Fools’ Day has definitely become the perfect excuse to create shareable content that is incidentally entertaining, comical, and commercializable. Worthy of repeating on other days.

How YouTube is reaching Hispanics

Written by admin on . Posted in Digital, Marketing, Social Media, Technology

Spanish-language Ads on Youtube

Spanish-language Ads on Youtube

With 52M Hispanics, the fastest growing minority in the U.S can’t be overlooked, and YouTube knows it. According to the Wall Street Journal, YouTube announced the launching of ‘YouTube Hispanic’ at the Hispanic Marketing Forum in New York on March 11.

“Just like Google Preferred, advertisers can lock up buys against this audience on an upfront basis with audience guarantees – much like the average TV buy,” explains theWall Street Journal.

What Does Google Hope for Cuba?

Written by Alfredo C. on . Posted in Americas, Central America, Digital, Marketing, Technology

Google Cuba

Google Cuba

Cuba has one of the lowest rates of Internet access in the world, but that has not stopped Google from sending some of its main executives to discuss, examine, and explore the potential island market.

These visits coincide with the recent flexibility that the US government has gained to normalize relations between both countries, allowing executives from North American businesses to travel to Habana to advance negotiation strategies for the eventual moment when the restrictions imposed more than 56 years ago are dissolved.

Online Games Thrive on Social Media

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Online Games

Online Games

In this new digital age that we live in, online games have become a powerful commercial force in different markets of the world with its constant growth, reaching users of all races and ages.

One of these markets is social media, which in recent years has experienced extraordinary growth. More and more users are joining and creating social ties free of boundaries and time.

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Coca Cola Ad


As the Copa America approaches kick-off, South American teams and fans...

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