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2016 Electorate: Most diverse

The upcoming 2016 U.S. elections promise not only to be interesting, but will showcase...

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Copa America Centenario


Copa America is coming to the U.S. for its 100 year celebration...

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Startup Chile


Although many people would like to launch a company, it´s not a simple process...

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Who will be the Leader of Cloud Marketing?

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Salesforce, IBM, Adobe, Oracle y HP are working to lead with their marketing systems in the Cloud.

Salesforce, IBM, Adobe, Oracle y HP are working to lead with their marketing systems in the Cloud.

In recent years there has been an explosive growth in the sector of marketing technology. With more consumers online, and the importance of search and social networking weighing ever so greatly on their decisions, the traditional route to buying has been eliminated. Now it’s a lot more difficult to lure consumers into decisions from “seeing products” to “buying products” since it is carried out over many different channels. This include search engines, website, blogs, social networking sites, digital and e-mail ads, etc.

As the complexity of reaching clients through an array of digital options increases, brands are more willing to spend money on different technologies: the automation of commercialization through different channels with the engagement of social customers, and the use of web analytics to have a more adequate focalization. They could buy a platform to do each one of these things or they could have single provider to give them all the solutions they need for their digital marketing approach.

Google’s Most Searched in 2014

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Google Trends 2014

Google Trends 2014

We spend many hours on the internet searching for…. a lot of things. We search for people, events, news, videos, pictures, how-to’s, places, things to do, etc. In case you missed it, Google has released its most searched list in 2014. Let’s remember what was trendy this year! Take a quick glance in this recap video.

Most searched athlete

James Rodriguez. Top searches about James include: his goal against Uruguay, his transfer to Real Madrid, his goal against Granada in La Liga, ‘James Rodriguez dancing,’ “James Rodriguez crying’ and ‘how to pronounce James Rodriguez.’

Hispanics Lead the Streaming Shift

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Streaming video

Streaming video

It’s not surprising to hear from Nielsen that live TV viewing is going down and at the same time video streaming is growing! THE SHIFT has begun.

The numbers:

  • Live TV viewership slid from 147 hours and 1 minute per month last year to 141 hours and 19 minutes this year.
  • Streaming video on the internet went from 6 hours, 41 minutes to 10 hours, 42 minutes – a jump of 63%.
  • Streaming video on a smartphone also soared, up 17% from 1 hour and 25 minutes to 1 hour and 46 minutes.

Video Stands Out as the Preferred Medium to Run Ads

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Video has become the preferred digital marketing platform of 2014.

Video has become the preferred digital marketing platform of 2014.

You shouldn’t always follow tech trends or speculations, but when the numbers are talking, you have to listen and pay close attention: What’s going on?, Why?, Is it useful and feasible?

The present year, almost at its end, has given us a lot to look at. The digital marketing medium has seen some very interesting changes and movements, particularly with regard to ad platforms and systems, which have been known to adapt to new technologies. The most transcendental thing in my opinion is the trend making video the preferred platform for users to consume content online, and the way the industry is taking advantage of this to run advertisements.

Advertising for Good

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One of the more interesting conferences that I get to attend each year is the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) Multicultural & Diversity Conference. Although the many examples of inclusive “Total Market” strategies was a key focus of the event, a key thought that repeatedly came up for me was the way that advertisers were actually making a difference for the better.

My career is in marketing, yet like everyone else there are plenty of times that I can find advertising to get in the way of the program, website, or video that I want to watch. It is, however, very impactful when marketers create interesting ads that can not only entertain, but also challenge some social norms. While the Hispanic community is always a major focus of the event, this year there was an increase in examples of marketers including the LGBT community as well as the disabled community in their efforts. Here are a few examples of some award-winning campaigns that are worth sharing.

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Brian Patrick (photographer)


Last month I attended for the 4th consecutive year the Gala by Latino Community Foundation of San Francisco...

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iPhone 6


This week I share with all of you this tutorial that explains how to unlock any version...

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Coca Cola Ad


As the Copa America approaches kick-off, South American teams and fans...

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emerge americas


eMerge America kicked off at the Miami Beach Convention Center...

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The Interactive Advertising Bureau released its annual Interactive Advertising Outlook for 2014. Find out what growth and trends you can expect in the industry this year!

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