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Mobile Advertising: The 5 steps to a successful campaign

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As advertising in the mobile market continues to expand, there are a few strategies that should be taken into consideration for a successful mobile campaign.

Mobile success takes a plan

Mobile devices have become part of our everyday lives: we check our phones numerous times throughout the day to stay connected to the world in every possible way. For advertisers, mobile marketing has become a growing opportunity and one of the best ways to reach their target audience.

When it comes to targeting a specific audience such as the Hispanic market, mobile devices have become one of the best ways to reach them, as Hispanics are the ethnic group that uses mobile devices at the highest rate. With the growing demand for mobile advertising and an increasing U.S. Hispanic market, here are some tips from Mashable on how to take your mobile advertising campaign a step further into huge success.

Mobile Devices Are the Future, Today

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Mobile Devices are the trend.

Mobile Devices are the trend.

Due to the ever increasing ease of acquiring mobile devices, that is, smartphones and tablets, an enormous insight is presented before us for finding the guided mechanisms to impact the consumer with clear, direct messages in seconds from the palm of your hand.

Technological development is expensive, but if we are looking to be ever more competitive and better segmented, there is no other way than turn to mobile platforms, which incidentally have already displaced desktop in retail sales.

Small Screen Tactics = Big Screen Success

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Hispanics are well known for their movie attendance and using their social media and mobile devices. Advertisers have an opportunity to combine the two to create more engaging mobile advertisement.

Hispanics account for 25% of movies seen

One of our recent articles this year, Latino Moviegoers Are Fulling Box Office Sales, highlighted the popularity of Hispanic movie attendance and how Hispanics play a major role in the success of newly released movies. However, a new study by SocialLens Research found that despite the success of Hispanic spending  within the movie industry, when it comes to their movie purchasing habits Hispanics are not as technology-driven as expected.

Affluent Mexicans Drive the Advanced Mobile Device Segment

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The wealthiest Mexicans lead smartphone and tablet adoption in the country

The wealthiest Mexicans lead smartphone and tablet adoption in the country.

A report issued by the Competitive Intelligence Unit (CIU) in April of this year stated that 4.1% (4.9 million) of the Mexican population used tablets during that month.

According to the eEmarketer article, given that Mexico has a lower GDP per capita than the US (not to mention import taxes and additional distribution costs) the seemingly low rate of tablet adoption makes sense.  However, when tablet adoption is broken down by socioeconomic level, the 4.1% penetration rate jumps to 5.3% and 13% amongst consumers in the top earning bracket ages 31 and 40 respectively.

The article goes on to mention that smart phone users in Mexico will climb to 48.5% this year, reaching approximately 26.3 million users. According to eMarketer, smartphone penetration in the country should reach nearly 50% by 2017. The CIU also found that  “smartphone penetration was greater by a wide margin among mobile phone users in top income bracket (47%), easily outpacing the upper-middle class (27%).”

Mobile Advertising, Key for Branding

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Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

According to a Mintel study, 76% of mobile internet users in the U.S. say they have seen an ad on their device in the last few months, confirming that mobile advertising is becoming part of society; quashing the skepticism held by many businesses about advertising on mobile devices.

The highest percentages of users are found among the ages of 18 to 24. The most-viewed ads are in-app ads (found inside applications) and banners, of which half of users ages 18 to 24 have seen on mobile devices in the last month.

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