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2016 Electorate: Most diverse

The upcoming 2016 U.S. elections promise not only to be interesting, but will showcase...

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Copa America Centenario


Copa America is coming to the U.S. for its 100 year celebration...

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Startup Chile


Although many people would like to launch a company, it´s not a simple process...

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Foursquare is Catching On Among Latinos

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Social networking has changed the way we do business. As a result, companies’ marketing specialists have changed their advertising strategies and implemented mobile networking as the new way to reach consumers.

The digital market is focusing on growing business like shops or markets that we use every day – bars, self-service food chains, clothing stores, etc. – which use GPS platforms to market and promote their products, discounts, and services in a specific area.

This application, known as Foursquare, consists of three parts: a mobile app, a social network, and a physical location detector. Used by 30 million users worldwide which have made more than 30,000 million check-ins, it is making quite a boom in the Latin American market. It is adding new users everyday thanks to its easy use and the growing digitalization in Spanish-speaking regions.

Healthier Latinos Through Instagram and Twitter  

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HealthyHispanicLiving.com using social media to help Latinos

HealthyHispanicLiving.com using social media to help Latinos

Tonight’s dinner menu consists of:

  • skinless, grilled chicken with a hint of salt and pepper
  • brown rice
  • steamed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, potatoes, green peas)
  • a glass of 100% organic grapefruit juice

You will rarely find a Latino family having the above at a dinner table, unless they receive a doctor’s note saying that their lives depended on them changing their diet.

Latinos have some of the highest obesity rates in the country. According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services in 2011, Hispanic Americans were 1.2 times as likely to be obese than Non-Hispanic Whites. It is also known that in comparison to non-Hispanic white adults, Hispanics are 66% more likely to suffer from diabetes.

Twitter Looks to Mobile Advertising Growth

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Twitter hopes to drive mobile ad revenue up through partnerships with measurement and statistics companies.

Twitter hopes to drive mobile ad revenue up through partnerships with measurement and statistics companies.

Twitter is making its move in the market by teaming up with a group of successful mobile analysis firms to strengthen its mobile advertising interactive experience.

“There’s no secret that the dominant usage on Twitter is on mobile devices. Twitter’s feed is real time, location based, and oriented around what’s going on with users,” said chief of HasOffers, Peter Hamilton.
Twitter announced its new partnership last Monday, July 30. The program is called Twitter Marketing Platform Program. This means that marketers who use Twitter can now measure their impressions, clicks, and installations with precision. This interaction in real time translates to a better experience for the end user. The necessity of this implementation is justified by what they have observed in their data. And as information media have cited, they are trying to improve the experience of the ad on the platform, which involves advertisers and application developers.

Social Media Marketing Done Wrong

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The food delivery app Eat 24 recently broke up with Facebook, and boy, it was more than a conscious uncoupling. In its trademark tongue-in-cheek style, Eat24 uses humor and plenty of outside evidence (such as the video below) to describe its frustration with Facebook’s changes to its fan page algorithm. It remains to be seen whether other companies will follow suit and abandon fan pages on Facebook altogether, like Eat24 has done. But their boldness has struck a nerve and let the social media world know that Facebook is no longer king when it comes to interacting with followers via social media. As Eat24 states in the now-famous blog post, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr have not placed barriers to fan interaction the way Facebook has.

U.S. Hispanics Lead in Social Media Presence

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Social Commerce

Social Commerce

When was the last time you checked your phone for a deal/coupon before making an online purchase or shared your purchase content on a social media site using your tablet? We are all guilty of staying connected 24/7, but it is the U.S. Hispanic population that continues to be the number one leader in social media, mobile, and e-commerce adoption.

There has been a few recent studies on Hispanic digital behavior and how Hispanic consumers are the ones that continue to take lead in social media usage. Here are some statistics from MediaPost’s latest article:

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Coca Cola Ad


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