Reaching US Hispanics with Programmatic Advertising

Hispanics have played a significant role in driving U.S. population growth over the past decade. The U.S. population increased by 18.9 million, and Hispanics accounted for more than half (52%) of this growth, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of new U.S. Census Bureau. The question remains, how to target properly this segment using the last digital tools for marketing.

Let’s be clear, there are multiple options to reach them from the digital marketing perspective. One of them is Programmatic Advertising, which is the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms to buy and optimize ads in real-time. This is a really useful tool when you complement it with a whitelist of online publishers to run a digital campaign (in my humble opinion, this method is irreplaceable).

The point is that programmatic software are able to target, additionally, by device type, channel, level of income, preferences, etc. of the target audience’s characteristics. Why? Simple, because this method takes the chance to use third party data, which is data coming from other sources.

US Hispanic Programmatic Advertising

Things to considerate:


1. Omnichannel

People spend a lot of time searching for products or services online and when they do, they use a variety of devices. Programmatic platforms have the ability to target in any channel, allowing marketers to reach consumers on smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart or connected TVs and other channels simultaneously.

Reaching the right customers, the right spot and the right context for advertising, programmatic platforms increases reach, ROI and engagement, which is also very important.

2. Real Time

Programmatic platforms works under a bidding model and now, most of these operations are in real time. This is good since reduce time, it is effortless and save some money during the process, which is is good for the advertiser because the campaign is less expensive.

3. AI is good but…

Don’t get me wrong, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is good but some humans around is not bad at all.

Why? Because the professional experience of years dealing with several and complex audiences/advertisers is crucial and at some point, difficult to be replaced by a machine.

If you are considering to run a campaign with a Programmatic Platform approach, try to find someone with the experience in the field and who uses a blend of AI and humans. It worth it.